Smart Classes

Here's where learning gets really exciting. It's where the printed word and textbooks make way for lively animation, story-telling, computer graphics and slick audio-visual presentations. It’s where students collaborate with each other online; teachers score and provide feedback in virtual space; and students interact with the subject being taught. It’s where SSA uses hi-tech wizardry to augment the curriculum, via Smart Classes, a global revolution in teaching methodology.

‘Consuming’ Information

Smart Classes is a teaching model that integrates a variety of media – videos, photographs, audio recordings, graphs, illustrations etc – and delivers them across digital platforms such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Technology is changing the way we live and it was only a matter of time before it irrevocably altered the way children ‘consumed information’.

Impactful Learning

Studies across the world show that Smart Classes are much more impactful than conventional teaching techniques. Its interactive approach and visually appealing format bring new concepts to life, help children explore and grasp them quickly and imprint them on the mind indelibly. Smart learning makes content relatable and invites students to explore it, whereas conventional teaching methods sometimes appear to distance students from the subject being taught. When designed intelligently, Smart Classes can be very creative and loads of fun. But make no mistake, just because digital tools are exciting doesn’t mean ‘it’s all play and no work’. Quite the contrary!

Enhancing The Curriculum

SSA has brought the e-revolution on board with a Knowledge Portal that provides access to Smart Classes as well as other e-tools designed to supplement the curriculum. In other words, we do not use Smart tools to teach the curriculum per se; rather to complement and enhance it through animation and interactive tools.

Following are some of the innovations we have introduced-

1. Smart Boards + Projector + Electronic Markers

Picture this- The teacher walks into class and, instead of reaching for a duster and a piece of chalk, he or she ‘switches on’ a smart board. This electronic whiteboard is pre-loaded with all sorts of audio-visual media that the teacher will use to teach today’s lesson. Classroom learning doesn’t get more real than this!

2. Knowledge Portal

This is the heart of SSA’s Smart Classes – a portal that students and teachers can log into, to access or view the content for their Smart Classes. The Knowledge Portal is colourful, vibrant and very child-centric, and can be accessed via the school’s website. The content or activity will be delivered through Smart Classes, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

3. Teacher Training

We are training our teachers in Instructional/Learning principles and how to apply them to Smart Classes. We are also conducting training sessions on how to deploy learning aids like online activities and assessments through Smart Classes.

By introducing this state-of-the-art teaching methodology – and making it affordable to every student – SSA has wholeheartedly embraced the future of learning.