The Shrimanta Shankar Academy affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi was established in the heart of the capital city of Assam Dispur in 1995 with the sole objective of imparting quality education to that gives due importance to human values and ethics mainly catering to the students of the North East.

    The aim was accomplished by inculcating the values and teachings of the patron of the school saint Mahapurush Shrimanta Shankardev as the foundation of the school’s vision and mission. Hence the students would be motivated to do well academically and be a real asset to the society by delivering value, awareness, sense of pride in our culture and tradition and heritage.

    The school has three multi storey buildings, a science laboratory to with all the latest equipments, state of the art library, two large playgrounds, a fully air conditioned auditorium, two rooms allotted for music, yoga rooms and classes upto Xth standard. The school had an addition of classes up to XII and has 100 percent pass rate in the CBSE board exams .

    The objective of all educational institutions is to produce socially productive human beings, the implied meaning being that these young men and women are academically sound, talented, well-adjusted and possess all the social skills required to navigate a world that is growing increasingly competitive. This is a tall order but a responsibility that SSA takes very seriously.

    While developing a child’s academic strengths is easily achieved through the curriculum and other scholastic tools such as Smart Classes influencing young minds and shaping their destinies are far greater challenges. Nonetheless, these are areas in which SSA excels as we place special emphasis on spiritual and moral growth as well as personality development.

    At SSA, we recognise that this grooming should start early. When a child is admitted to school, we are well aware that he or she is already learning to think. This is the foundation of the spirit of enquiry and inquisitiveness that we nurture and encourage from the moment the child enters our portals. Most importantly, we teach our students to think for themselves.

    Through an array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, we provide the necessary stimulation for these young, inquiring minds, to strengthen their intellectual prowess as well as cultivate their innate talents. Thus, while regularly turning out toppers, SSA also emphasises all-round growth and development in our young wards.

    Among our many USPs is the personalised attention our students receive from our teachers. It is through this quality interaction and continuous dialogue that we shape our children’s choices, impart moral values and prepare them socially for the complex world in which we live.

    It is challenging enough being a teacher, and tougher still being a parent. But we appeal to parents to work with us in moulding their children’s future by organising their time, space and resources to suit the learning and other needs of their children. It is through this synergy that our young and vulnerable wards can become socially responsible citizens, informed decision-makers, visionary leaders and nation-builders.

    Let us work together to achieve these lofty goals.

    Shrimanta Shankar Academy, a senior secondary school affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi, is a premier educational institution in the heart of Guwahati city. My association with the academy goes back to the day of its inception in 1995.

    I have watched the academy grow exponentially in the last 20 years, in terms of infrastructure development, brilliant academic results and excellence in co-scholastic areas. We have consistently used the best teaching practices so that our students get a solid grounding as well as a wholesome education, setting them up for a bright future.

    We take pride in our team of learned faculty members, who take care of the students in every possible way

    I wish the Shrimanta Shankar Academy fraternity, the students in particular, a great future.