List Of Holidays : 2017-2018

From Std I to XII

Vacation and Breaks (Applicable to students only. May not fully apply to faculty and administrative staff)

  1. Summer Vacation: July 1 to July 31, 2017
  2. Autumn Break: 25th September to 7th October,2017
  3. Winter Break: 24th December to 31st December, 2017 



Month Date Day Event
April 13-17 Thru- Mon Bohag Bihu
May 1 Mon May Day
May  10 Wed Buddha Purnima
June 20 Tues Janmotsav of Madhabdev
June 26 Mon Id-ul-Fitre
Aug 15 Tues Independence Day
August 15 Tues 7. Janmastomi
Sep  17 Sun Vishwakarma Puja
Sep  23rd Sep-7th Oct Sat to Sat Janmotsav of Shrimanta Shankar Dev, Id-Uz-Juha, Durga Puja,Vijaya Dashami, Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Lakhi Puja
Oct  18-20 Wed to Fri 13. Kali Puja & Diwali, Kati Bihu
Oct 2 Fri Gandhi Jayanti
  19-27 Mon-Wed 13. Kali Puja & Diwali, Kati Bihu etc
Nov  4 Sat Guru Nanak’s Birthday
Dec 24 Sun Christmas Eve
  25 Mon Christmas



Month Date Day Event
Jan 1 Mon New Year’s Day
  13-17 Wed-Sun Magh Bihu & Shilpi Diwas
  22 Wed Saraswati Puja'
  23 Sat 4. Birthday of Netaji
Jan 26 Tues Republic Day
Feb 14 Mon Shivaratri
March  1-2 Wed-Thu Dol Yatra
  30 Fri Good Friday


  1. List of Holidays may be altered at short notice as per government notification.
  2. Local holidays declared by the government Under the Negotiable Instruments Act will be observed.